Together in Holiness is a marriage conference series for dioceses that inspires and empowers couples to grow together in holiness.

John Paul II emphasized that God's plan for marriage and the family "must take place in 'togetherness', through the human experience of love between husband and wife, between parents and children, lived in the Spirit of Christ. 

Spouses and parents are looking for ways to live vibrant spiritual lives and bring their Catholic faith into the home.  Yet, most of the marriage programs today focus on helping couples to survive the pitfalls of marriage.  So, we are taking a different approach.  Together in Holiness helps marriages and families thrive together in holiness. 

Couples receive motivating insights and practical guidance for embracing a faith-filled spiritual life in their marriage and family. The one-day events include three inspiring presentations, Mass and Eucharistic Adoration, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, time for prayerful conversations between couples, and the opportunity to learn about diocesan and national resources. 

Through the Together in Holiness series marriages are strengthened and children are blessed anew with the gift of love, as families become “one heart and soul in faith”.

Raising children can be considered a genuine apostolate.
— John Paul II, Letter to Families, no. 16

Each Together in Holiness event unpacks one of the great themes of Saint John Paul II’s teachings on marriage and the family. These include exploring the family as a domestic church, a community of prayer, a school of virtue, a school of love, a seedbed of vocations, a believing and evangelizing community, and an image of the Trinity.

Christian spouses and parents are included in the universal call to sanctity.
— John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio, no. 56

The family is the cornerstone of society, and the foundation of every strong family is a faithful and rich union between husband and wife. It is in the home that children learn to love, to pray, and to live a life of virtue. Children first encounter the Church through the manifold experiences of family life, and it is there that their vocation to married life and to the priesthood and religious life are first fostered and encouraged. This conference series responds to the urgent need to form and equip families to be what they are called to be: "intimate communities of life and love"!

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