Converging Roads is a formation and education program for health care professionals, hospital chaplains and medical students. It integrates the art and science of medicine with Catholic health care ethics.

Converging Roads has already impacted hundreds of doctors, nurses, catechists, and clergy through seven conferences offered between 2009-2013 and is now an initiative of the John Paul II Foundation.

Medical professionals today receive almost no education in ethics, yet they are at the bedside when human suffering is most intense and when the most difficult decisions of life and death are made. Converging Roads meets the need of medical professionals by teaching the best of ethics and medicine, while upholding the dignity of each person. And this leads to a better quality of patient care and a culture of life and love!

The credibility of a healthcare system is not measured solely by efficiency, but above all by the attention and love given to the person, whose life is always sacred and inviolable.
— Pope Francis
Most Reverend José H. Gomez

Converging Roads was founded in 2009 with the aim of expanding the pastoral initiatives of Most Rev. José H. Gomez, STD.

It is my hope that health care professionals, catechists, educators and clergy attending the Converging Roads conference will be better prepared to promote with confidence and compassion a culture of life.
— Most Reverend José H. Gomez, S.T.D., Archbishop of Los Angeles

Conference Themes


Introduction to Bioethics


End of Life Issues


Sex, Fertility, and Marriage


Dignity and Disability


Beginning of Life Issues


Fundamental Health Care Ethics

As the Converging Roads conferences continue to form healthcare professionals in their work toward medical care that is truly healing, my prayer is that we may all come to understand more deeply the fundamental importance of the dignity of every human person.
— Most Reverend Gustavo Garcia-Siller, Archbishop of San Antonio

Program Objectives

  • Celebrate the health care profession and the important role that providers have in building communities of love and care, as they serve some of the most vulnerable members of society. 
  • Provide a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the biomedical issues that are relevant in today’s society.
  • Examine contemporary bioethical issues in light of the Ethical and Religious Directives and Catholic health care ethics, recognizing that technological and medical advances present unique and oftentimes complex ethical challenges.
  • Offer a professional and respectful forum where health care workers can dialogue about the intersection of Catholic health care ethics with contemporary science and medicine.
  • Equip medical professionals to dialogue with the culture and their professional setting from an ethical standpoint, recognizing the intrinsic dignity of every human person.
  • Enhance the skill set of chaplains as they support and empower patients and their families to make informed health care decisions grounded in sound ethical principles, compassion, and sensitivity to the circumstances of each patient. 
  • Foster an ability to see the presence of God in the sacred encounters between patients and caretakers.
  • Offer CME, CNE, and CEU opportunities for health care professionals.
  • Complement the mission of Catholic health care and educational institutions while strengthening their identity through a unique model of collaboration and professional education.

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