Our hallmark initiatives are three timely conference series with unique primary audiences – medical professionals and medical students, spouses and parents, and priests and deacons. While our successful conferences truly set this apostolate apart, our leadership also frequently speaks and gives workshops for a variety of groups including dioceses, student organizations, and parishes. 

Converging Roads

Converging Roads is a formation program for health care professionals, hospital chaplains and medical students that integrates the art and science of medicine with Catholic health care ethics. Clergy, educators, and catechists also benefit greatly from this conference series which offers a robust and comprehensive curriculum and features the most respected speakers from the fields of bioethics, theology, medicine, and science. Our conferences have a local and regional draw and are offered around the country through collaboration with Catholic hospitals, academic institutions, and dioceses.  Learn more.

Together in Holiness

Together in Holiness is a conference series inspiring and empowering couples to grow together in holiness. Offered in collaboration with dioceses and parishes around the nation, each conference offers couples motivating insights and practical guidance on how they can embrace a vibrant Catholic spiritual life in their marriages and families. As spouses help each other grow in holiness, marriages will be strengthened, children will be blessed with the gift of love, and families will become “one heart and soul in faith”. Learn more.



Shepherd's Heart

The St. John Paul II Foundation is uniquely positioned to work with dioceses and to respond to the expressed interests and needs of the clergy as they navigate the difficult pastoral challenges they face regarding human life, sexuality, marriage, and the family. Our educational initiative for clergy helps them to proclaim the gospel of life and love from the pulpit, offer God’s mercy and truth in the confessional, and have greater confidence in pastoral encounters. Presentations highlight the foundational teachings of the Church, offer medical and scientific updates, and propose pastoral solutions for evangelizing the faithful.