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There are multiple opportunities to support the work of the St. John Paul II Foundation. Via this website, we offer 3 ways to give: (1) a one-time donation, (2) an annual pledge, or (3) membership into the Legacy Circle. For more information about these or other opportunities please contact the Foundation at 832-779-1070 or email us at info(at)forlifeandfamily.org.

Most Rev. Gustavo García-Siller speaks with Arland Nichols and Dr. Chris Stravitsch at the 2013 San Antonio Presbyteral Convocation.

Most Rev. Gustavo García-Siller speaks with Arland Nichols and Dr. Chris Stravitsch at the 2013 San Antonio Presbyteral Convocation.

Send us a one-time gift or make an annual pledge

One-time monetary gifts and annual pledges contribute to the Foundation's mission and initiatives so that together we can provide a vital response to the pressing needs of society. Thank you for your sacrificial gift.

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Join the Legacy Circle

Of the thousands of people who have attended one of our events, countless people tell us Together in Holiness and Converging Roads offered exactly what they needed at that particular time in their life. Can you imagine how your life, marriage, or family would be impacted if you could hear the very best presentations from every conference we offer across the United States? Now you can! 

We are thrilled to introduce the Legacy Circle Membership. The Legacy Circle is our way of giving you ongoing inspiration from our powerful events, dynamic Catholic speakers, and life changing presentations.  Membership includes:

  • Exclusive content from our conferences and events, such as full-length audio recordings from the Together in Holiness marriage conferences offered around the country. These can be downloaded to your computer or streamed on your mobile device so that you can stay inspired wherever you are!
  • Recordings of talks given by our staff on numerous Catholic topics, such as magisterial and papal documents, the writings of St. John Paul II, spiritual and corporal works of mercy, prayer and the spiritual life, health care ethics, natural family planning, and more! 

We invite you to become a member of the Legacy Circle with a monthly gift of $10 or more (you decide your membership level). By doing so, you will also help ensure we can grow our initiatives and proclaim the Good News of life and family across the United States.

Download the form below to become a member and remit to: 

Saint John Paul II Foundation, P.O. Box 5927, Katy, TX 77491

I am confident that the St. John Paul II Foundation will bear much fruit for the Church, will strengthen the family, and foster respect for the innocent and vulnerable...I invite you to learn more about their initiatives, prayerfully consider supporting their efforts, and collaborate with them to bring their educational initiatives to your diocese.
— The Most Reverend Gustavo García-Siller Archbishop of San Antonio