The spouses together as a couple, the parents and children as a family, must live their service to the Church and to the world.
— John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio, no. 50

Let's collaborate to organize a Together in Holiness conference in your diocese!

The St. John Paul II Foundation offers all of its initiatives in a spirit of collaborative ministry, aiming to complement the evangelizing efforts of other dioceses and institutions where our respective missions overlap. We are pleased to explore the possibility of collaborating with you to bring Together in Holiness to your area.

As a national initiative, Together in Holiness is organized in collaboration with a diocese, parish, and couples that desire to celebrate and proclaim God’s plan for marriage and family life. We are currently developing relationships around the country to expand this initiative and impact a multitude of marriages.

Send us your contact information and any other details you'd like to share with us. We'll contact you to see how we can pull together our resources to bring this grace-filled event to your area.

Let us work together to inspire couples and families, so that they may grow together in holiness and build the culture of life and love!

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