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We are dedicated to building a culture of life and love through integrated education initiatives that proclaim the gospel of life and form families as intimate communities of love.

Founded in 2013, the St. John Paul II Foundation is a national Catholic apostolate committed to pursuing our mission from the heart of the Church.

Our hallmark initiatives are three timely conference series with unique primary audiences – medical professionals and medical students, priests and deacons, and spouses. While our successful conferences truly set this apostolate apart, our leadership also frequently speaks and gives workshops for a variety of groups including dioceses, student organizations, and parishes. Additionally, our staff is published regularly in many of the most respected and influential Catholic publications available today.

Only a re-evangelization can assure the growth of a clear and deep faith... Do not be afraid! Open, indeed, open wide the doors to Christ!
— Christifideles Laici, 34

A unique element of our initiatives is that they are truly a collaborative effort. 

We partner with local institutions and draw upon our pool of speakers that includes experts and thought leaders in every field – medicine, theology, the sciences, counseling, education, and pastoral leadership to name a few. Together we “bring the Gospel of life to the heart of every man and woman…to make it penetrate every part of society.”